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It would be hard for men who are into spandex fetish fun not to at least fantasize about wearing a bodysuit. I have always thought a bodysuit on men could look just as hot if not hotter then on women. I have experimented with a number of different bodysuit designs for men. One of my favorite bodysuit designs was a sheer black Lycra spandex bodysuit with a built in pouch that came out from the smooth sheer design forming a perfect display zone for my penis. Many of you men have never tried wearing a bodysuit and I can tell you they are fun , erotic, sexy and absolutely exciting to wear. The first time you slip on any bodysuit designed for men you will be surprised by the total arousal you will feel. It is not always easy to find a bodysuit designed just for men but they are out there.. My next article I will work on finding links for you. I have purchased bodysuit designs at dance shops, and yes I do get very aroused trying on a bodysuit in front of total strangers. Once I was at a small dance store and asked the sales girl if she had bodysuit designs made specifically for men. She told said they could special order me one but they only had bodysuit designs for women in stock. She then said many male dancers actually will use a bodysuit designed for a women and asked me what color I was looking for. It’s a safe bet that most dance stores will offer spandex bodysuit designs in black, white, silver and gold. These are very popular dance colors. I tried on a bodysuit designed for a girl, I have a smaller build and made cock is smaller then average, and the bodysuit fit wonderfully. The crotch area being designed for a vagina offered enough stretch for most men. I had plenty of room and wore it shaft up. A bodysuit can be ordered for men with full sleeve and there are bodysuit designs for men that feature partial and full hoods and even bodysuit designs for men that cover everything, every part of you body, dancers to hardcore fetish men use these lovely creations. If you are into the spandex Lycra fetish scene you most likely have seen women in a bodysuit. Men wearing a bodysuit is much more unusual making it that much more exciting and that much more erotic. Spandex can be a total sexual experience on its own.

Men modeling in bodysuit designs would be something I would love to see and maybe even be a part of.

The fantasy have having your nude body painted with a thing layer of spandex makes the idea of men wearing a bodysuit a very good one!

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