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Tiny string bikinis is an article from one of our readers.

We love string bikinis and if they are tiny it’s that much better.

The world would be a better place if all the men and women would wear nothing larger then a tiny string bikini, I’m getting hard thinking about it!


tiny string bikinis

Tiny String Bikinis 

I am sure you know what a bikini is right? The two piece swim wear usually worn by the ladies, sometimes also worn by the ladies as an under garment. Very sexy and very revealing! Most women do not even dare to wear the tiny string bikini out in the open beach where they can be seen by just anyone. Blame it on narrow minded shyness. And back in the days, tiny string bikinis are reserved only for the women. No self-respecting man will ever be caught wearing a skimpy tiny string bikini, not out in the open beach, not underneath their clothes, not anywhere ever.

But in these modern days, the mind of our community is changing. Tiny string bikinis are no longer only reserved for the ladies. These tiny string bikinis are even popular among the guys, especially the modern gay men. Do not be misled, there are also a lot of normal guys who do wear tiny string bikini, for whatever reasons, but in the usual circumstances, only guys who are gay would wear them.

But before that, a tiny string bikini is a bikini swimsuit, like the traditional bikini but it will be scantier and more revealing than your normal traditional bikini. A traditional bikini is considered to be revealing for some but a tiny string bikini would be even more revealing. A tiny string bikini gets its name from its design. A tiny string bikini is a bikini with only strings around the waist to tie them up. The tiny string bikini is usually worn as a swim wear, but nowadays it is also worn as an undergarment by both the men and the women.

Tiny string bikinis are very very sexy, especially worn by big and buff guys. The sight of the combination of big and well-built body with a tiny string bikini is just too pretty to be let off. It doesn’t really matter if you wear it in plain sight or underneath your normal clothes, you will be at your utmost sexiest. The gay men will worship the ground you walk on and the ladies will simply stare and most probably drool.

Men who want to wear the tiny string bikini should not worry about not looking as macho as they usually would, because to be one of the men in tiny string bikinis are the in thing to do now. Most of the men nowadays want to feel and look sexy too and especially gay men. Men now know that by wearing tiny string bikini, they can look and feel sexy, and they know that people will notice the tiny string bikini that they wear as it helps to accentuate their very masculine body. Some men, especially gay men, wear the tiny string bikini because of the part it will play in their sex life. The tiny string bikini is the perfect ‘lingerie’ for men to seduce their partners in. It is also the tiny string bikini that will give the men the encouragement that they need to feel and look sexy in front of their partners. This is part of the reason why gay men love to wear tiny string bikinis.

It is also because of this reason that a lot of underwear manufacturers now design and sell a lot of types of tiny string bikinis for men. It is not a difficult task as the men’s tiny string bikinis are usually similar to those of the women’s. In fact, men’s tiny string bikinis are not actually original and they can trace back to the history of the women’s bikinis.

The more popular tiny string bikini that men prefer is the kind that has a front contoured pouch. It is named the Dietz ‘Bondi’ Bikini and it usually comes in three colors which are black and yellow, navy blue and yellow, and black and red. This tiny string bikini also has vertical lines on the bikini to give an illusion of the men’s dimension, fitness and also style. The best thing about this tiny string bikini is that the men can do many strenuous activities on the beach or anywhere without having to worry if their bikini can take the heat or will it rip off at any given moment.

Another type of tiny string bikini that men love is the Brazil bikini for men. This is the best tiny string bikini that a man can wear, especially to the beach, because the man can do the entire stretches, jumps, runs and swimming rounds that he wants to do and the tiny string bikini will hold and will not rip apart, as it is made of 100 percent Lycra. Another advantage of this tiny string bikini is at that the back of this tiny string bikini. The back of this tiny string bikini is thong-styled. This kind of style for a tiny string bikini will definitely give the man extra style and comfort, well, for some of the men at least. This type of tiny string bikini can most definitely make a man look sexy without trying and also without losing any of their macho-ness. This type of tiny string bikini is also the best way to show a little flesh and muscles for the other guys and not to mention, girls.

Back in the olden days, the men were not allowed to wear sexy swim wear because it offends some people. They were made to wear swim wear that is both un-sexy and also uncomfortable, not to mention hard to swim in. Now, with the specially designed tiny string bikini for men, they can wear the tiny string bikini to swim comfortably in and also look sexy at the same time.

If you have never tried on a tiny string bikini, then you should most definitely go out there and buy yourself a tiny string bikini. You can feel the freedom and the sexy appeal the moment you change into your tiny string bikini. The power of sexy underwear can never be underestimated. Wear the tiny string bikini for yourself. Wear it also for your partner. He will most definitely thank you for it!


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