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Men in Lycra

What is Lycra? Lycra is actually a brand name. It is a brand of a type of stretchy clothes called the spandex. But somehow Lycra has been associated with almost everything dirty and erotic since the revolution to make thongs, g-strings and briefs out of Lycra or spandex. Men and women both wear them because it makes them look sexy.

Well, I’m not interested in women (I’m gay actually) but do you like to see men in Lycra? And I don’t mean men wearing Lycra underneath their clothes. No, not by a long shot because what is the point of wearing Lycra if you can’t show off your bulge and your buns right? I don’t know about the rest of you, but I just love watching men in Lycra. They are like my secret fetish or something. I’m not proud to say this but men in Lycra make me drool which I absolutely mean literally. And they make me fantasize.

Men in Lycra are sexy. Don’t you agree? No? Have you ever seen a man in Lycra before? If you have, then how can that not be sexy to you? You really should pay a trip to the gym one day and maybe then, you will get what I mean. Those men in Lycra are really a distraction and somehow when I was in the gym, I can’t seem to pay any attention to the machines that I was supposed to be using, if you get what I mean. I go to the gym everyday to just gaze at those buns and those bulges. I am always careful not to give myself away, though I think one of the weight lifters caught me staring at his butt that one time. And he is awfully cute. And I always wonder if he is available?

Okay, okay, yes, I shall get back to the topic at hand, men in Lycra. It’s not like he don’t wear Lycra himself. Anyways, I read from somewhere that this is actually some kind of a fetish, an attraction to stretchy clothing that actually hangs to your skin. It’s like some kind of an obsession - an obsession to see some men in Lycra. How cool is that?

Some men think that wearing Lycra is embarrassing. Like cyclist, and runners and also weight lifters. Somehow they thought that it is not polite to show the shape of your package to the world. Why can’t they let us, more specifically me, to enjoy the view? If they have got it, of course they should flaunt it.

So basically men in Lycra are men who wear these stretchy clothes that stick to their skin. It is akin to wearing nothing, as if they have a second skin on. And how can you say men in Lycra underwear are not sexy? It will be like their second skin. They are like not wearing anything! That’s just super hot to me.

Once, I got my boyfriend to wear a Lycra thong and put on a strip show just for me. He was wonderful. I am a Lycra man myself. I have hundreds of Lycra thongs and g-strings as well. Most of them were bought for my by my boyfriends. Well, they were intended for show purposes actually. You know, these shows are like foreplay to us.

One of my ex-boyfriends actually told me that men in Lycra usually love to play sex bondage. It is because of the tightness of the clothes that’s fun for its wearer and for the admirer of men in Lycra. I also like men in Lycra because of the smooth and silky feeling of their body when we rub against each other. It just gets me excited every time.

Many of those men in Lycra don’t usually tell other people that they are men in Lycra. Sometimes our society is just not open minded enough to accept that men in Lycra are like artists. Lycra in itself is a form of art. You cannot expect some men to just put on the Lycra and look good without doing anything. They have got to have the body to be the men in Lycra.

Take my ex-boyfriend for an example. He was and still is this thin and scrawny guy who can’t pull off a man in Lycra stunt even if his life depends on it. Don’t take this the wrong way, he is a sweet guy but he just doesn’t look good in a Lycra. Whenever he put on his Lycra tights, I just want to scream at him for ruining my fantasy that includes men in Lycra. And for your information, that was not why we broke up, although I did feel glad I won’t ever have to see him as my man in Lycra anymore. What a bad memory and it still haunts me till this day.

My current boyfriend is great. He is also the perfect candidate for a man in Lycra. He is a footballer and he looks good in the tights and also the thongs. And the G-strings, not to mention his swimming trunks. He would give those men in Lycra a good running for the title of The Man in Lycra.

And he is sweet enough to put on the man in Lycra show for me every other day or whenever he is in the mood. As long as he keeps his body in shape and as long as he can pull off the Lycra suit, I will be with him for as long as he wants me. All these are just to keep my man in Lycra.

We usually buy our Lycra supplies off the Internet. These sites are abundant on the Internet, you can just Google ‘men in Lycra’ and I bet that it should return thousands and thousands of results for you. All these websites will show you pictures and information about men in Lycra that you should need. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. You’ll be hooked on these men in Lycra in no time. Just stay away from my man in Lycra!



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