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Swim briefs for men come in many styles and huge differences in size i.e. how much coverage the swim brief gives you. Many people think of Speedos and other racing brands of men’s swim briefs and swimwear but swim briefs can be as small as a g-string for a men. A swim briefs encompasses every style of swim and swimsuit designs other then shorts. So when we talk about swim briefs the only style we exclude right at the beginning would be swimwear shorts. The positive is that the entire spectrum of what can be covered by the words swim brief is very broad. Our discussion will touch upon all the major style swim briefs, bikini, thongs, g-strings, pouch only suits and wide side racing briefs. This article is geared to men’s swimwear even though the term swim briefs can encompass women’s swimwear too. Our topic of swimwear briefs will include the different types of materials that are commonly available for swimwear. We will offer interesting details about custom swimwear and see if it makes sense for you to find a specialty swim brief manufacture or have custom swimwear designed briefs made for you.


Bikini swim briefs: standard bikini style swim briefs include racing briefs by Nike, Speedo, Dolfin and TYR  They are generally at least 2” wide on the sides and offer a very flat pouch which hides most of the male anatomy. These suit are made from a combination nylon spandex and offer full rear coverage.


Designer Bikini swim briefs: These designs are much narrower on the side with bikini briefs as narrow as ¼ and some briefs are held together with string style Lycra making them string bikinis. Companies like www.koalaswim.com offer a full line of men’s designer swim briefs and unlike the racing styles which hide everything the designer style swim briefs show as much as possible. Pouch styles vary on different swim brief bikinis.

From a full pouch that offers complete frontal coverage to swim briefs with micro front pouches the just barely cover the equipment requiring the wearing to be completely shaved or waxed which many men are doing today.

Swim brief bikini rears rand from full coverage to Brazilian style rears some as small as

1/3 rear coverage but still falling into the category of Bikini swim brief. The designer suits are made to show the body off and most are unlined thus showing very beautiful outlines of the male anatomy.


Swim briefs hybrid bikinis: one of the newest sensations in men’s swimwear is the hybrid bikini swim brief. The design is not as revealing as a thong but still shows most of the bottom portion of the man’s butt. Lots of cheek! Most of the swim briefs rear coverage starts at the midpoint of the butt and then has good coverage. From a distance it appears to have almost full coverage but up close these swim briefs show at lot of skin. The front pouch designs on hybrid bikini swim briefs come in all shapes from full coverage, to high cut narrow to insanely micro barely covers a thing.


Thong swim briefs: Thong swim briefs have all the same available front pouch designs as swim brief bikinis but offer rear coverage that is minimal to virtually non existent. A thong brief has more coverage then a g-string in that there is a small triangle of fabric on the top rear. Some thong swim briefs have a much large amount of fabric on the top rear but all swim brief thongs show the entire cheek section of the rear. Needless to say if you are going to the beach wearing a thong make sure your rear is tanned so you don’t blind other people near by with your too white rear!


G-string swim briefs: swim briefs in the g-string style are the smallest briefs you can wear. Most g-strings designed as men’s swim briefs have the smallest of all pouches but even though the pouch covers very little skin g-string swim brief designs can handle most penis sizes. The designs differ in that some are designed to make the male penis look very small and some swim brief designs make your penis look very large. Those swim brief designs generally have a built in cock ring that w2hen you apply more pressure makes the penis very large. The pouch designs on these swim briefs bulge out from the body to hold everything in. An important fact to remember is you need to be completely hairless to look good in a g-string style swim brief. They all expose the normal area that would be covered with hair for tanning. So shave it or wax it off and look great wearing a swim brief.

Male form swim briefs: One of the newest style of men’s swim brief designs are the male form suits. These look like typical bikinis and thong swim brief designs with one big change the front of the pouch has the actual form and shape of a penis and it is designed to hold your erect penis showing its full form. These swim brief designs are very sexy and extremely risqué you can see samples of them at www.koalaswim.com

This swim briefs attract an enormous amount of attention.



Pros and cons of custom swimwear: I have had many custom swimwear designs made for me over the years. When it comes to custom men’s swimwear first it is very hard to find some one who has the talent to create awesome designs if you have great ideas in your head. When I finally found a girl who did custom swimwear very well it would still take me multiple fittings, and multiple trips down to her place to get the suit perfect. You can’t be shy when having custom swimwear made. The lady that worked on me required precise measurements of my penis to get the suit right and I ended up standing around nude many times in the back of her store and a number of times her assistant would make a change and bring the suit back to me. I was shy at first but you do get used to it. The other big thing is the cost. It can end up costing $200.00 to have custom designed swimwear done. It takes many fittings and the costs do add up. In the end I had many nice suits made until I found Koala men’s swimwear which is much more creative then any other men’s swimwear company and they blow away the custom designs I had made for me.



Custom swimwear briefs and cost: As stated above, making custom swimwear is a very expensive undertaking, and so many times they just can not put in the time to make my idea come to life no matter how much I paid. To me it was a haven sent gift to find a company that matched my imagination for custom men’s swimwear but with product ready to go ( most of the time).


Custom swimwear briefs and time: When having custom swimwear made you need to allow at least three fitting, rarely do they get it right on the first unless you are not very picky.


Custom swimwear briefs and design: Custom designed swimwear use to be the only way for men to get great looking European style swimwear bikinis, thongs, g-strings and more extreme designs. Now there are cutting edge companies offering the extreme high quality that you get with custom swimwear with a selection you could never afford with custom briefs.


Custom swimwear briefs and colors: When it comes to color selection custom swimwear can not be beat. You have your choice of just about any fabric in the world, that’s great if you have the time to ponder all the different fabrics. Most men prefer swimwear designs in the standard colors, black, white, red. If you want wild you will have to go the custom swimwear route.


Custom swimwear briefs quality: When I first had my custom swimwear designs made for me the quality was so much better then anything out there. Now the companies, the main one being Koalaswim.com offers suits that are beyond the quality of the custom men’s swimwear I had made. I think one of the biggest issues was that the people I went to did men’s on the side 99% of their business came from women. I prefer now to deal with companies that are 100% dedicated to the male body.


Custom swimwear briefs fit: With the exception of you being very large not in penis size but in overall size you are just better off not going custom. Spandex fabric stretches to fit most penis sizes and men’s bodies. I want my suit to look like it was spray pained on, meaning I want the fit perfect. With custom suits with time I did get that but now I definitely get the perfect custom swimwear designs from my favorite companies.  


Custom swimwear briefs selection:  I want a huge selection of awesome creative designs and even though I can come up with great ones I feel there are very few people that can afford to have so many custom designs made for them. One of the main reasons why I love Koalaswim.com is that every few months they offer wild new things, sometimes I think they are connected to my thoughts the suits are just like what I would want if I designed my own custom swimwear.


Custom swimwear for men verses women. Custom swimwear is just so much easier for women then men. It is very easy for women to find women making custom swimwear and there are many that are very good at it. Custom swimwear is very different for men. Women have no problem working on nude women, and to get a custom suit right they need to see you nude. There just are not that many women who are good at men’s custom swimwear and are comfortable having nude men right in their face that they don’t know.







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