Gay Swimwear  Guy Swimsuits  is there such a thing?


This story is about swimwear, gay swimwear. Saying that a swimsuit can be gay is actually funny.

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So why write an article about gay swimwear in the first place? Good question and here is the answer. Depending upon where you are in the world the culture you are in might actually believe that because a man wears a particular type of swimsuit he is gay.

In the USA many swimwear designs that would be considered mainstream in Europe like men wearing bikini swimsuits and thong swimsuit would be thought of as that man must be gay by both men and women in many parts of the country. I know from years of first hand experience. I have been wearing so called gay swimwear for years, bikinis, thongs and tiny gay g-string swimsuits. I love the way they feel, the way they look and how they fit. So am I gay because my swimwear is gay? I don’t think so. I am a straight married guy albeit very open minded. I have many gay friends who tell me you just have to be gay to wear swimwear like that and even though they know I’m straight they treat me like eye candy. Most people that I meet at the beach even when I’m with my wife and other women still assume I’m gay, just by looking at my swimsuit. It’s amazing that a tiny little micro g-string can tell so much about me with just one look. You might wonder why people might say , look at that great tan obvious he loves the sun and wants a full body tan! but that is not what most people think even in liberal sunny California. Wearing gay swimwear makes


it very easy to meet women. This is a secret 99.9% of men will never know. I meet new women all the time, I’m striking up conversations on the beach or in the water and I am virtually nude, but instead of thinking this nude guy is hitting on me they think what a cute gay guy, I could be friends with him. Total stealth, by the time they figure out I’m straight we are already new friends! And guys both gay and straight are even worse then the girls. When I meet new friends or friends of new straight guys at a pool party or beach and I’m wearing a g-string, or a tiny gay bikini swimsuit if there are kids at a friend’s pool party, the guys assume I am gay and  when I tell them I’m married they tell me only a gay guy would wear a swimsuit like that, I know these guys are truly brilliant, how do you argue with such logic? What’s a guy to do who loves the fit and feel  of spandex Lycra, a great all body tan and of course enjoy being and exhibitionist.

The fact be told I enjoy gay men staring at me and I think it’s a huge compliment when they try to pick me up. But it still upsets me to think that people think there is such a thing as gay swimwear. Swimwear is not gay, a man can be gay and wear anything he likes including bikinis, thongs and g-strings but so can a straight guy. In the end it’s just a matter of perspective, no there is no such thing as gay swimwear there are just people out there that make snap decisions and have intellects that just can’t make the points connect and will always judge a man wearing swimwear that is skimpy, hot and small as a gay guy. To bad for them,, I guess they are doomed to have an awful looking dork shorts tan.


If having a great looking ass with a great looking tan wearing micro bikinis, thongs and g-strings is gay, go ahead and call me gay, a huge chunk of my best friends are gay so I will take it as a compliment.


Sexy can be thought of as gay by some.

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