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The red suit is the Koala Engorged with a built in cock ring.

This type of men’s swimwear design includes an adjustable cock

ring that can be tightened up to as much pressure as you can handle.

When wearing cock ring style swimwear designs they force the penis out from the body

Mens swimwear Male chastity

Penis enlargement

and fill the pouch perfectly. Swimwear designs with cock rings are considered show off suits but the nice feature is cock size does not matter, a cock under pressure being pushed hard into swimwear pouch is going to look big whether your are 2 inches or 8 inches, remember this type of swimwear design uses the testicles pushed out to help full the suit.


The white design is a Koala sheer manmold swimwear design. As you can see this type of swimwear is designed to fit men the way men are made, it is in fact penis shaped and it is not only sheer but it offers quite a bit of stretch so it can handle men of many sizes.

If you are wearing this style swimwear design or in fact any pouch only swimwear design in a public setting make sure it’s a very liberal area and check to make sure you are not breaking any laws. I have used many pouch only swimwear designs in Los Angeles and have never had a problem, other then two many guys coming on to me when I’m trying to relax and tan!


Koala style extreme swimwear designs. Bulging wear for men!

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