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Tiny Koala micro bikini thong in hot yellow.

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Nice bulging pouch design. Very narrow front cut leaves

a nice tan line. G-string swimwear designs are my favorites and I

wear the Koala My Thong for most part when I am tanning.

I like a g-string that just barely covers my penis with the top of the pouch

cut right above the top of my cock. I like extreme micro pouches that just barely contain me. The feel that my balls are ready to bust out of their captivity is a huge turn on for me.

The way a g-string feels pulled tightly up my ass is another reason I love this type of swimwear even though thongs feel great up the ass to. When I lay out on the beach it’s arousing to know that people walking by get such a great ass view with some brown hole exposed wearing most g-string and thong swimwear.


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